How to Choose a Pest Control Company

Pests are the least welcome occupants you'll ever have in your home. And when you see them growing in population - so fast you don't think you can no longer handle them yourself - you'll obviously need professionals. Not that it's a problem. There are so many pest control companies these days, but the question is, how do you choose the right one?

Licensing and Insurance

First off, you need a company that is licensed. This is actually a requirement in all states, so be sure to check with your pesticide authority to ensure that you are dealing with a legally operating applicator. In addition, you need a company that is insured with liability, sudden and accidental pollution, and workman's compensation coverage.  Read Go-Forth Pest Control of Raleigh Reviews here!

Professional Associations

Some reputable applicators do not belong to any professional associations, but if a company does belong to one, that's a good sign. It speaks of their commitment to providing quality service to their customers. After all, members of professional associations are obliged to update themselves on the latest developments in the industry, and are even required to uphold a very strict code of ethics. Hence, you can expect the highest degree of professionalism from their employees. Visit this website at and learn more about pest control.


If a company isn't confident enough to provide a guarantee for their work, why should you trust them? Always ask if they provide a guarantee, and if they don't, look somewhere else. If they do stand by their work, make it a point to know what you have to do to maintain the guarantee. For instance, for large applications, you may not be allowed to make structural changes to your house or building without their knowledge. If you violate this condition, you lose the guarantee and end up paying for yearly inspections.

Treatment Plan Discussion

It's a must that you are well oriented about the treatment they plan to perform in your premises. For example, they have to tell you what exact insects they are targeting, along with what products they will use to eliminate them. They should also provide instructions on how to minimize your exposure to the treatment, as well as how to prevent future pest issues.


Finally, give your prospective applicator a reputation check. Nowadays, this can be very easy to do. For one, you can go online and read reviews posted by past customers. You can also go to your state's Business Bureau's website. Note that everyone will have their share of dissatisfied customers. What's more important is to see how a complaint was resolved and whether or not the customer was satisfied in the end. On the other hand, do not take too lightly a company that has minor but very frequent complaints. That can also indicate a lack of sincerity in providing quality service. Read Go-Forth Pest Control of Charlotte Reviews here!